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2010 is here!!…and so is my new blog

I have so much more free time and I am less stressed about coursework (woohoo for underloading!).
I cannot tell you all how EXCITED i am about 2009 coming to a close and 2010 being here. I have been waiting for this year since uhhh, forever–I am graduating in a few months! Looking back, 2009 was a good year though there were definitely some very difficult trials; but I learned so much last year and was given numerous opportunities and experiences.

I wanted to take this post to list a few things I’m looking forward to in 2010 (and this is just what I can think up until graduating in June)….

  • Continuing my work at JPL on my thesis: Now that I am done with first term and taking only 2 other classes, I can really focus and work at JPL during the week and make progress on the Venus Lander
  • Caltech Dance Show: If you know me well, you know that I am a very active dancer on campus, and have participated in the dance show since my freshman year. I love training and preparing for the show…and this year will be my last time. I will be givin’ it my all!
  • Enjoying the last remaining months at Tech: with many interhouse parties, house events, etc..there will never a dull moment!
  • DITCH DAY!!: I can’t believe I will be on the other side and actually planning my stack for underclassmen–I’m so psyched since I have been fantasizing about my stack for years. Though lately, I’ve been really stressed about it since Andrew and I have a ton to do, and the clock is ticking…

  • Traveling: I plan on traveling a bit after graduation, and taking small
    trips with my friends during the next two terms. I think we seniors
    definitely deserve it!
  • GRADUATION: need I say more?!?

😀 2010 is going to be awesome!…and of course I will be continuing to blog throughout my final months here! So that being said…out with the old, and in with the new, right? Follow my NEW BLOG: Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior.
See you at my new blog!!

Dannah Almasco ’10

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Economics & Management, Class of 2010

Dannah is a senior in Fleming House, originally from San Diego, CA. She is a tour guide, a student reader for the freshman admissions committee, and a food critic for the campus newspaper. A member of the Caltech Dance Troupe, Dannah also practices yoga and aerobics. After graduating from Caltech, Dannah plans to enter the work industry; she has worked at the Caltech Biological Imaging Center and has had internships with Boeing in Los Angeles and Schlumberger in Houston, TX (see previous Caltech blog, “Adventures in Internships”). Her second blog “Class in Session: E/ME 105” discussed her experience in an engineering course that involved designing for (and traveling to!) the developing world of Guatemala. Read her latest blog: “Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior” to see how she keeps busy with her senior thesis and extracurricular activities.