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5 Pasadena Study Spots for a Café Lover

Hello everyone,
Add Day, the last day of the three week period during which we can freely add courses, has just passed. It’s that time of term again, when everyone has settled into a routine. Some terms, my routine has consisted of more than I can handle. Some terms, as I hope this one will be, my routine seems to meansleeping early and getting up in time for my favorite time of day–morning. I hope this can continue!
Although college students tend to stay up–whether for school work or extracurriculars or the many awesome campus traditions orpranks or real talk with friends–one encouragement I’ve found to keep getting up early is that coffee shops get up early, too. I spent the first two years exploring nearby boba shops, but after my autumn term in Edinburgh, Scotland, I’ve learned to appreciate a steaming cup of black coffee. Pasadena doesn’t quite have the climate for afternoon coffee or tea, but the crisp and quiet mornings only add to the encouragement that a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant seem to inspire.

Campus is small, and while I appreciate the close community, some days I seek to be just another stranger in a coffee shop. That and an increasing appreciation for the public transport system (which, although truthfully is lacking compared to, say, Edinburgh or London, fits my purposes pretty well) have led to many hours spent in local coffee shops.

Jameson Brown
On Yelp.A 6-7 min bus ride from Avery House.

My favorite. Clean and warm and just hip enough without losing the cozy and familiar.

Omoto Cafe
On Yelp. A short walk (two blocks) from Avery House.

I didn’t look into it much before going and was surprised by the intense motorcycle theme. Never thought I could have a three-hour conversation with a good friend surrounded by a motorcycle, TVs playing motorcycle races, and stands selling motorcycle products. There wasn’t a lot of traffic on a Friday morning, and that was just perfect. Also, their apple pie in a cup (pictured) was quite unique.

Home Brewed Bar
On Yelp. A 10 minbus ride, maybe. Not a lot of food optionsand no bathroom.

I enjoyed the environment. It’s a small place tucked up a short walk from Colorado. If you’re lucky, the tables might be empty, and you could easily spend an afternoon there working. The coffee wasn’t super fancy, but was simply tasty.

On Yelp. A 7 min bus ride. A good study spot… but not for working on your laptop (no outlets).

This is the place to go for coffee. The environment is great, too. The coffee itself tastes fantastic and changes with the season, but their black cat espresso is always there (I’m pretty sure) and absolutelyamazing. Unfortunately I was too absorbed in my coffee to get a great photo.

Lavender &Honey
On Yelp. A 10 min bus ride. Seats are few, but my friends and I went on a Saturday afternoon and it was fine. (:
Like the website, the place is white like a blank canvas, which can be calming sometimesor stimulating at other times. It is a place created for heartyconversation with goodfriends, and it worked like a charm on us.

If you’re ever in Pasadena, check out some of these spaces, whether it’s for a cup of coffee with a friend or for an afternoon of studying and being anonymous because familiar faces everywhere on campus, while warm, can also be distracting.

keep lookin’ up,

Jenny Sheng