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A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight

Two bloggers in D.C.!

Sarah rushed over right before we left on our shuttle to the airport, and I’m so glad we got to see her for a bit. Am also thankful that our flights left D.C. on Friday night, because the huge snowstorm that grounded all the planes hit the East Coast on Saturday. Hope all of you on the other coast are staying safe!
After arriving at home and sleeping for a consecutive 14 hours, I’m feeling much more refreshed, but also a bit sad that the week in D.C. has ended. For the photographer in me, the area is absolutely beautiful and I would love to visit again in the future. And as a scientist, I’ve learned much more information about the regulation and government policies behind the work that we’re doing – and that there is a different field of science that we can explore beyond research in graduate school or elsewhere. Walking in a science wonderland has been amazing, but coming home is very much needed.
Now to sort through the hundreds of pictures I’ve taken…

Debbie Tseng