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A day at clinic in photos

Hey everyone!
I’m back at Tech! I’m going to use the amazing high speed internet here to share more photos and videos that I couldn’t post while I was in Malawi. Enjoy!

Every morning the rest of the team and I woke up early therefore we saw amazing sunrises coming over the mountains on our drive out to the health centers.

When we arrived at clinic we set up the scale, the height board, and got to work.

Many times the children jump off the scale and run away! And if they are crying too much while they’re on the scale the digital read out won’t be able to calculate their weight! Thankfully, the child below was extremely well behaved!

Next, the mother goes to talk with the nurses to learn about the food and children who are new to clinic try the food in front of the nurses. One reason the nurses have the new children eat in front of them is to judge the health of the child. If the child is not eating it is the most likely case that that child must go to the hospital that day to receive life saving care.

That’s a day at clinic, in photos!

Kt Brennan