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A Day in Glasgow

Last weekend, completely unrelated to the Halloween festivities, I decided to go on a day trip with some friends and flatmates to Glasgow, about a one hour’s drive away from Edinburgh. None of us really planned anything for the trip, but luckily one of my flatmates transferred from Glasgow University last year, and knew the area very well. Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland, with the third highest population in the UK. It’s also where all the Scots go for shopping. ;D You can imagine how excited I was when I found that last part out. So naturally, this was our first stop:

Buchanan Galleries! Actually, most malls in the UK I’ve been to so far are much smaller than malls in the US. This one was almost as big as a normal US mall though. Almost. The weirdest thing though, was walking around and then suddenly coming across one of these:

Stephany L