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A Day in My Life (Friday February 3rd)

This is what I do on a typical Friday! I plan to write more "A Day in My Life" posts to give you a glimpse of what Caltech student’s daily lives are like.

8am – Donuts are provided every Friday morning by ASCIT, Caltech’s student government.

9am – I have lab every Monday and Friday morning for my bioengineering/computer science class. We are currently constructing DNA logic circuits.

12:30pm – After lab, I went to barre class in Old Town Pasadena!

2pm – Post-barre Indian buffet with my mom! The food was delicious.

3pm – Picking up bread from a bakery in Old Town Pasadena before heading back to campus.

4pm – Manicures in Pasadena with my Caltech friend.

7pm – Dinner in Arcadia with (a different) Caltech friend.