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A Hard Day’s Night

This term, my weekends are almost as busy and hectic as my weekdays. Despite the fact that I have 2 homework sets due on Mondays, I also have group meetings, dance classes and of course, can’t forget the fun stuff!–it’s the weekend after all.

I kicked off this past weekend by going out into Los Angeles to celebrate one of my friend’s birthdays on Saturday. We went to a bunch of different places throughout the night, but my favorite was hanging out by the gorgeous pool at the luxury hotel, Viceroy in Santa Monica. All in all, it was nice to get dressed up and go out on the town with new and old friends.

On Sunday–it was back to work. I woke up early to go to ballet class and then went straight to a meeting for E/ME 105. At this meeting we discussed different design possibilities for the centrifuge. We all came with a few sketches with new ideas and concepts and just passed them around. We also had to plan out our separate roles for the midterm, which will comprise of a group paper and group presentation on the work we’ve done so far. I have been assigned to focus on the certain risk and failure analysis factors that could affect the success of the product.
We had a few technical issues in the beginning as we set up skype to video conference with our Guatemala partners. But we ended up figuring it out (I mean, we’re Techers after all!) and it was as if they were sitting right there with us during the meeting. We got a ton done in terms of figuring out different options for redesign–we definitely have our work cut out for us!

A few hours later, and after 3 cups of coffee, I met my study group in the library to work on my Control Theory set and my Econometrics Set. All the study rooms were taken in the Sherman Fairchild Library (that’s where my E/ME 105 group meeting was) so we had to work in the basement of Dabney Library. That night was epic–stayed up till 4am to complete the econometrics set, and then ended up working the next day from noon till 5pm on the control theory set. But the good thing is having a fun study group that cracks jokes throughout the night and you can collaborate with.

Anyway, even though all my sets were due earlier this week on Monday–I have a ton to do for the rest of the week also! Including an interview with a defense technology and homeland security company this afternoon!
Wish my luck!

Dannah Almasco ’10

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Economics & Management, Class of 2010

Dannah is a senior in Fleming House, originally from San Diego, CA. She is a tour guide, a student reader for the freshman admissions committee, and a food critic for the campus newspaper. A member of the Caltech Dance Troupe, Dannah also practices yoga and aerobics. After graduating from Caltech, Dannah plans to enter the work industry; she has worked at the Caltech Biological Imaging Center and has had internships with Boeing in Los Angeles and Schlumberger in Houston, TX (see previous Caltech blog, “Adventures in Internships”). Her second blog “Class in Session: E/ME 105” discussed her experience in an engineering course that involved designing for (and traveling to!) the developing world of Guatemala. Read her latest blog: “Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior” to see how she keeps busy with her senior thesis and extracurricular activities.