A Recap of PFW

A Recap of PFW

Hi everybody!! So as you all know, these past two days were Prefrosh Weekend! This is where all the admitted students come to stay for a couple days and learn about how AWESOME Caltech is :) Each House holds a lot of special events. For example, Ricketts hosted an open mic night, and Blacker had “deconstruction,” which is where everybody takes sledgehammers to things. Ruddock made a mini-golf course out of the entire house!

Alley Six! Seems more like an obstacle course for the player, not the ball.

We also turned the fabulous room 119 into A GIGANTIC HOT TUB. Everything–beds, chairs, inhabitants–was removed from the room, the floor and walls were covered in plastic, and the entire thing was filled halfway with water.

The moral of the story is that Techers like to go all out on things.

Although the PFW slogan was “It’s bright here,” for Thursday and Friday there was nothing but thunderclouds and pouring rain. (Personally, I loved it. I’ve grown up in super sunny Cali and so gray skies are really nice. I think something about having the combination of coffee and rain is very conducive to thought.) But just to make sure you don’t think we’re deceiving you with the promises of eternal sunshine, here are some pictures from earlier in the week, when in between classes my best friend Caroline and I frolicked in the grass by Millikan Library.

Millikan Pond


This building is non-eponymously named Bridge. It’s home to a lot of physics classes.

And here is the lovely Millikan Library, home to a lot of books. Anybody know what Millikan was famous for?

So that’s all for this week everybody! Hope you all had a wonderful PFW and stay tuned next time for a post about tea parties and movie stars :) And as always, if you have any questions or comments, POST THEM! Love, Lori