A Trip to Legoland

A Trip to Legoland

Growing up as a kid, I LOVED Legos. Getting the opportunity to go to Legoland since it’s relatively close to campus was one of the highlights of my time here so far. Fast Forward to 2022 in the waning days of the school year, Page had their annual Beach Trip to a house in Carlsbad, California. At this point in time, I wanted to go to the beach, but I wasn’t really excited for it. I wanted to chance to have some fun and be away from campus with my housemates for a while. That’s why when I was offered a chance at Page House Beach Trip to find myself in the middle of Legoland, of course I wanted to go! Below, I compiled some thoughts to give everyone the best look at Legoland, California.

What I liked: The Dragon:

While not super extreme, it is super fun. With a retro, nostalgic look, a cool Lego dragon, and a cute medieval theme (as well as less than a 3 minute wait time!) this fun ride whipped us around the park and was incredibly fun.

What I didn’t like: Coast Cruise

A long wait for a subpar cruise ride. The only highlight of the ride were the incredible jokes by the tour guide.

What I liked: Coast Guard Build a Boat

Come on, you build your own boat?? As a Caltech student, this was a dream come true! Sadly, our boat capsized. Call it an overconfidence of four engineering majors who don’t have it cut out for a marine engineering job.

What I didn’t like: Max age limits on Driving School

The Driving School is an interactive ride where kids get to drive their own car! (With a brake and gas!) sadly, they think that driving is fun for kids under the age of 13! I would love to drive a car around a track without worrying about the police, speed limits, traffic, reckless drivers, annoying roads, AND UNPROTECTED LEFT TURNS! (The bane of my existence)

What I liked: Mini San Francisco

Easily one of the coolest experiences, seeing a miniature San Francisco was amazing. They also had a small Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Washington DC, and Las Vegas!

What I didn’t like: Long lines to buy a Lego Set

Ok, yes I’m 20 years old. Yes, I wanted to buy a Lego Set to commemorate my time at Legoland, I’m entitled to buy one without judgment! Sadly, the prices were ridiculously high and the lines even longer. I did not want to catch covid waiting in line for a cool Lego car.

What I liked: The Coastersaurus

Ok, as a ride it’s ok. Nothing great, nothing special. But here’s the trick: you get to go TWICE, as an exasperated ride worker yells into the mic “ONE MORE TIME!” as all the kids, parents, (and us as well) chant “ONE MORE TIME!” I feel this probably started as either a mistake or peer pressure on behalf of the kids, but I LOVED this.

I loved Legoland. Easily one of the highlights of my Third Term. Although not the closest place from Caltech, it is definitely worth a visit sometime in your time here!