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A Walk in Scotland

Walking, Hill Walking, and Hiking are all incredibly popular in the UK. Walking the West Highland Way is a popular way to spend a week or two, and Scotland’s scenery is so beautiful that I completely understand why. There are gorgeous mountains, beautiful fields, and picturesque villages all over the country. Honestly, there’s just more beautiful nature here than I’ve seen anywhere else. There are a few great walks and hikes in the city of Edinburgh itself (see my post on hiking Arthur’s Seat for great pictures of the city!). But my flatmates and I were looking for something especially scenic, and figured that this weekend was probably our last chance to get a great walk in. It’s starting to get cold, wet, and dark in Scotland.

My flatmate Jean Googled "great walks in Edinburgh" and we set off on an hour-long bus ride out of the city. We stopped in the tiny town of Aberlady, and started our hike around Aberlady Bay. We walked for about two and a half hours, ending in the town of Gullane. Both towns were adorable, picturesque seaside towns, and we day dreamt about becoming reclusive writers in tiny towns on the coast. We got some amazing views of the sea, and of Gullane from a distance (so adorable).

After finishing our walk in Gullane, we stopped for a pub lunch, then took the bus back to Edinburgh. Having left our flats at 9AM, we finally returned at about 4PM. Not a bad way to spend a Scottish Sunday.