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A Walk to Arcadia!

So being crazy kids like we are, Sarai and I decided to walk to Arcadia yet again during Spring Break! It took us around 1.5 hours, and we ate again at Din Tai Fung, the international dumpling restaurant chain. Again, we got xiao long bao, which are Shanghai steamed soup dumplings:

We also got spinach! So nice to finally eat Chinese vegetables again! We also got some taro buns to finish up our meal.

So my favorite part actually wasn’t the food, it was the crane machines in the shop nearby. You know, those machines with awesome things in it that you can try to get with a totally rigged hook that loosens up once it grabs something. There were about twenty of those there, filled with things like doraemons, chococats, mini tofus, mini potatoes, mushrooms, bread (all stuffed, of course.) It cost a dollar to try just once (argh! aren’t they usually 50 cents?!) So…I wasted 3 dollars 🙁 I think the next time I go I’ll try again…ahaha. Those things usually cost at least 10 dollars anyway, since they’re all branded.


Jenny Yung