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Blogger Introduction: Ankita Nandi

Hello! I’m Ankita Nandi, a senior in Page House (and social member of Avery) majoring in Materials Science and English. I grew up in North Carolina and came to Pasadena for the first time at the beginning of my sophomore year due to COVID. I came to Caltech because I wanted a small school with a strong STEM focus, and I certainly got that! Since my first year, I’ve taken advantage of the different research opportunities available, like completing a SURF my first summer. This upcoming year, I’ll be completing a senior thesis with the Faber (materials science) and Rossman (geology/mineralogy) groups to explore characterization of different pre-ceramic polymer materials. I’m also working on a senior thesis in English studying South Asian diasporic works.

I currently serve as the Director of Operations in student government, overseeing clubs, student spaces and the different publications. Coincidentally, I’m also a writer for the newspaper, the California Tech, and editor for the literary magazine Looseleaf. Other students organizations I’m a part of serving as part of the Executive Board for Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans Plus and President of Techers 4 Sustainability.

I’m excited to share my different experiences at Caltech with all of you! It’s been an incredible three years, and I’ve grown to love Pasadena and the surrounding LA area. The Huntington Gardens are beautiful, and it’s really nice to have good libraries nearby. I hope you’re just as excited as me and that out blog provides a good insight into student life.

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Ankita Nandi ’24

Hi! I’m a senior in Page and involved with a number of student organizations on campus. I’m Director of Operations in student government, part of the Executive Board for Asian Pacific Islander Desi Americans Plus (APIDA+), and involved with student publications like the literary magazine Looseleaf and the newspaper, The California Tech. Outside these activities, I enjoy spending time with friends outside on or off campus (like the Huntington Gardens), and love to read and get books from the local library.

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