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Alhambra Farmers’ Market

Hello friends!
Lunch after church: That’s been one of the most regular ways for me to explore and eat my way through Los Angeles with friends for the past few years. Yesterday, we went to the Alhambra Farmers’ Market on our way back to campus. Farmers’ markets are one of the most sure-fire ways to know what’s in season:right now, it’s apples, persimmons, tomatoes, and sunflowers. There are also somehow always these long stalks of sugarcane. I wonder what people use those for. If you know, please share?
When I go, I like to stop by this little tent of Taiwanese snacks, where I can pay $5 for dan bing egg (蚕餅), a green onion pancake with egg. I love to snack on dan bing as I walk around the market.

The flowers and succulents yesterday were also gorgeous. My friend got lots of fruits for herself and her roommate. I came home with some persimmons. The samples at the stalls tasted really sweet, so I’m excited. (: I nearly got a pack of honeycomb to go with ice cream, but I decided to save that for my next trip there so I’ll have something else to look forward to. The honey guys said they’ve been coming to the market every Sunday for over 30 years, and they assured me that they would be there the next time I go.

If you haven’t been before, I highly recommend it (: It’s a delightful way to spend a late Sunday morning. The market closes at 1pm, and some stalls pack up even before then, so go early!
keep lookin’ up,

Jenny Sheng