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All the Things to Do Camping!

Everyone who went on the hike also visited the small beach on Silverwood Lake. Although no one went swimming, some people dipped their feet in and skipped rocks. I was watching on the side; Richard and Praful were especially impressive as both got four or more skips on multiple rocks. It was also amusing to see the people who were not as good throw a rock and have it just plop into the water.

I was one of the very few people who stayed the second night, as most felt they had to return to either work or had other arrangements for the next morning. So the six of us that stayed ate well that night, having as many tacos and nachos as we wanted. We ended with a few games of Avalon, which I had never played before. However it was similar to werewolf in that each person had either a good or evil role and was trying to win the game for their side based on the information they had.

Mei-Ling Laures ’20

Option: Computer Science

House Affiliations: Avery and Blacker

Graduation Year: 2020

Mei-Ling is a native Chicagoan (from the city!) and still misses the winter season. She is part of the intercollegiate volleyball and fencing teams. When not dying over sets, she likes talking with friends and going to the 3D printing lab on campus. Mei-Ling is also an upperclassman counselor (UCC) and part of the social team of Blacker Hovse.