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Alley 3 Does Ruddock Greens

I was not a very active prefrosh, so I went to very few of the house events during Prefrosh Weekend and Rotation. My participation in Ruddock Greens, a mini golf course that goes through all of the alleys in the house, consisted of me walking over mini golf course obstacles on the way to my host’s room on Friday night. Two days before Prefrosh Weekend this year, I was talking to some UCCs about rescheduling Ruddock Greens, and I learned that in Alley 3, frosh are responsible for setting up Ruddock Greens.

I was rather distressed, because I hadn’t planned to be in the house during the event, let alone set it up. Our UCC, Jim, assured me that we could do whatever we wanted, and that he would help us. The point of Alley 3’s portion of Ruddock Greens is to get the golf ball from the first floor to the second floor using a leafblower, some PVC pipes, cardboard, a Pirouettes can, and lots of duct tape. As I’m not the constructing type, I asked some of the former frosh of Alley 3 for help. Andrew ended up digging behind the shed to find the pipes, Victor got the leafblower, and Andrew and Fed put it all together, including the construction of a cardboard ramp:

While these talented young men were working on the pipes, Chloe, Jim, and I started decorating the alley. Jim made an Alley 3 alphabet that ended at G:

Chloe put up about 30 pictures from my foodstagram:

I printed out copies of the housing notice banning shoes in the hallway, and put them next to shoes in the hallways:

As we hustled and bustled around, other members of Alley 3 rose to the occasion. Katie, a senior next door, brought out 8 of her Squishables, and I donated mine as well. The food-themed Squishables were one of the last obstacles, together with noodles from Sirus and various packaged foods from Jim:

Bonus picture of Jim modeling the corn hat that was part of the food exhibit:

Gregory confirmed that none of the Christmas lights were working (except for a foot-long portion of one):

And many members of the alley donated pairs of shoes to the cause:

Chloe and I put out candy, and Jim branded it with one of his signs:

I put out my giant turtle pillow pet, and we all donated rubber duckies to put on top (photo creds to Chloe):

Victor dug chicken from dinner out of the trash can and made a pile of chicken, and Jim made it aesthetically pleasing:

And finally, Jim meticulously arranged the mess of stuff into obstacle-resembling clumps:

And then the prefrosh started coming (photo creds to Chloe):

Since I didn’t have work due Friday, I volunteered to work the leafblower. I sat at the end of the hallway, braced myself as prefrosh attempted to putt the ball up the ramp and into the Pirouette can. One of them hit me in the leg, and another one almost broke the set-up, but it all ended up fine. When I turned on the leafblower, the ball would fly through the pipes and up to Alley 6. It was a crowd pleaser.

Ruddock Greens unexpectedly brought our alley together (almost as much as the free burgers!), and was hopefully fun for the prefrosh as well. I’m glad I finally got to be a part of it. Now to clean everything up…