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Anime la Expo (Part 1)

We arrived 1 hour before the panel and we already ended up in the second overflow room…

The panel is an unofficial Trigger event ran by Hiromi Wakabayashi (creative officer and writer for episode 4) and Tatsuru Tatemoto (PR representative and interpreter). The panel was mostly those two people leaking information about the upcoming Studio Trigger shows without their boss’s permission and general tomfoolery (the Japanese twitter translators of Ninja Slayer showed up in blinking visor glasses.) At the end of the panel, Tatsuru passed out prizes to people who spoke up during the panel or cosplayed — even though he didn’t bring enough for everyone, somehow everyone in our cosplay group who attended ended up getting a prize!!

While getting our prizes, Wakabayashi seemed very impressed by Iori’s tentacle arms, and the fact that my costume glowed. Tatsuru also suggested that I show my costume to Sushio, because Mako is his favorite character. Maybe if I’m lucky enough to meet him… ;A;
Afterwards, I played miniature ping pong with some random cosplayers (refereed by a Ping Pong cosplayer) before being dragged off to dinner by Nonon.

Overall, a good day. I still can’t believe that we got all those Kill la Kill prizes (especially that key frames book…)

Chengyi L