Another Episode

Another Episode

Somehow, someway I’ve just managed to sit at my computer for three hours doing absolutely nothing. I know that around 2, I had every intention of blogging, napping, and then, I dunno, maybe hitting the gym or something. But all of a sudden, it’s 6:30 and I haven’t done any of those things.

Story of my life, man. But not for long, I hope. See maybe, just maybe, me writing this blog will set off a whole chain of productivity! I’ll blog, I’ll work out, and from there it will only pick up speed. Suddenly I’ll be collecting the week-old dirty laundry from my floor, reading for physics, and maybe even considering starting a set sooner than the day before it’s due.

Before you know it, I’ll have written a novel, paid my taxes, and graduated from Caltech.

Oh wait…it’s Saturday and I’m a lazy frosh. Let’s just keep it at blogging, shall we? Week two of the term down! I’m getting pumped for second term thanks to a house meeting we had this week. There’s so much coming up! Elections, building our Interhovse, the party itself, a ski trip, and even a Ricketts Girls’ Night, not to mention other houses’ events. I hear second term is exhaustively fun, and I’m ready for it. So what else has been up this week? A lot, actually. If you are among our EA admits, then chances are you know that this week was our EA phone campaign.

It’s been three days so far, and there will be another night of calling next week.

Beckoned by the call of a dinner from Baja Fresh, I headed over to Steele House Wednesday night, and joined up with Laura Conwill (also a I think, and had such a blast. Earlier that day, I had a miserable time wrestling with a physics set, and getting a chance to sit down and tell prefrosh some of my favorite Caltech stories was a real pick-me-up.

After leaving the phone campaign, I settled down to work on my Phys 8 lab. Phys 8 is so far outside my comfort zone, it’s not even funny. I remember other Techers stopping to laugh at me as I struggled to put together this bookcase I bought at Target first term. I am NOT an engineer, folks. But Phys 8 has me spending hours of quality time each week with a soldering iron, resistors, and LEDs. I know I didn’t have to take Phys 8; there are plenty of other frosh labs available. Still, there’s just a certain appeal to doing something you never thought you’d be able to do. Just don’t ask me to fix anything, ok? The week ended in the best fashion possible— with a party! But even better, it was a themed party. Page Hovse hosted a Rubik’s Cube party. The idea is that you come dressed in as many different colors as possible, and then trade articles of clothing with other people until you’re dressed in only one. Check out this pic of us before the party. I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty weird walking around like that. It was an extraordinarily good time, though, and I fell asleep completely exhausted.

Alright, it’s after 7 now, and this blog entry is officially finished. What happens now? Laundry? Math set? Will productivity truly skyrocket?! Find out on the next episode of…The Frosh Experience!