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This weekend was my second to last in London and it was one I was particularly looking forward to because I saved a most special treat. I saved, you guessed it, THE DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE. For those of you who have not had the great honor of watching Doctor Who before today, please, do yourself a favor: stop reading and go watch it. Everyone else may continue reading.

The Doctor Who Experience is an interactive adventure with the Doctor through a series of sets from the show. Essentially, the Doctor is once again stuck in the Pandorica and it fell to us, the audience, to rescue the Doctor. He condescendingly referred to us as "not Amy" or "shoppers," but none of us minded because the Doctor is just that awesome. We got to walk into the Police Box and, yes, the TARDIS is bigger on the inside. We got to "fly" the TARDIS, sexy beast that she is, to a safe landing…and when I say safe I mean that somehow we manage to land it inside the hull of a Dalek space ship! Whoops. After a terrifying interview with the Daleks we managed to escape and save the Doctor! Jammy dodgers for everyone!
After the adventure was over we were let out onto the exhibition floor with old sets and costumes from every Doctor! It was geek heaven. Check it out:


If you love Doctor Who and ever visit London it’s totally worth a trip. But until then, remember that Christmas Day there is a new episode AND here’s a youtuber eating fishsticks and custard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8htMWfgl10UEnjoy.

Katie Brennan