Beach trippppppp

Beach trippppppp

Hellooooo Carlsbad!

Page House drove down Friday evening to Carlsbad, CA (close to San Diego!) for a weekend beach trip! About 50 people came on the trip, to a huge beach house (that is supposed to sleep 26…whoops). We spent Friday night watching movies and being generally rambunctious in the house, and alllll day Saturday at the beach.

Saturday morning a group of us made pancakes and bacon for the whole house, and then Suzy, Meghan and I went to the beach (literally across the street) to do some yoga in the sand. We followed it up with a run in the sand (so difficult).

We then changed into bathing suits and made it back to the beach with the rest of the house, who were boogey-boarding and building sand castles.

Yeah, just because you’re 20 years old doesn’t mean you stop building sand castles. There was actually a competition going on, over whose castle could withstand the most waves. The mechanical engineers won (duh).

A large group of Pageboys stayed two nights, but I went back to Page on Saturday evening, after we brought probably the largest group ever into Islands (a chain burger joint) for lunch. I’m now working on getting all of the sand out of my school bag (brought it to the beach full of books because I thought I should/would get some work done, hehe).

Hoping to make it back to the beach once or twice more before I head to NYC for the summer (for an internship). One of my high school friends is working in Santa Monica this summer, and her internship starts before Caltech ends, so I’ll definitely make it out to see her.

Alright, we’re over halfway done with this term, everyone has spring fever, and all of my friends from home are already out of school. Only a few weeks left, and then freedom (for the summer)!