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Beach Weekend

So here we are, the weekend before finals, and I’ve done zero homework since Wednesday. To be fair, I don’t have anything due until this coming Thursday, but whatever. Feeling lazy? Not so much. I’ve got a friend visiting from home (all the way from Philly for the weekend!) and we’ve been doing the "Caltech experience." Except for the homework, which is a pretty integral part of the Caltech experience.

We went to Page House formal dinner and cocktail party on Friday night (an annual tradition for Pageboys to get fancy for a night). We’ve played three nights of DnD, too.

Saturday we spent with two other Pageboys at Manhattan beach!

Ben and Alex dug a hole for Alex to nap in.

Sunday morning, we remembered that Lululemon (and sometimes Athleta!) stores offer free yoga classes on weekend mornings. We walked to Old Pas for a free 9:30 vinyasa, and went to Urth Caffé on the way back for breakfast.

All in all a relaxing weekend, but I’m beginning to agree with the nagging feeling that I’m not doing enough work. Time to get back to the grind. Have a great summer!