Beginning at Facebook

Beginning at Facebook

Back in April, I was fortunate to get an offer to be a part of Facebook University. It is a summer internship opportunity to which college Freshmen and Sophomores can apply that is focused on developing skills in Engineering, Data Analytics, or Business. I am in the engineering track, which focuses on app-building in iOS and Android. As an intern in the program, I get to work with more than 100 other motivated engineers from colleges around the country - and this praise is sincere. Everyone I have met is excited to work on their coding skills and learn more about app development.

Our first day in the program was filled with intern orientation, following which we were able to explore the campus a little bit more. My roommate and I found the Instagram building (!!!) and there was a lot of cool stuff to see.

This was right outside the building, so we knew right away where we were going. Inside was a couple of photo opportunities: the rainbow background was my favorite.

People could also write on the walls, and I found such an inspiring quote which someone wrote.

In addition to being sweet and inspiring, I definitely feel the truth of this statement. Everyone has their own brilliance but the brightest light comes from people working together :)