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Blacker Interhouse

Caltech parties. Seems like an oxymoron, right? Maybe..but we try to break that stereotype every once in awhile, and one way we do it is with Interhouse Parties.

Each House (Avery, Blacker, Dabney, Fleming, Lloyd, Page, Ricketts, and Ruddock) gets a chance to hold an Interhouse party during the school year, and each House goes all out in constructing a dance floor and entire theme for it.
Avery had its Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy Theme, Ruddock had Atlantis, and Lloyd had Go Go Tokyo to name a few. Blacker this time had Trojan War as the theme, building a two-story Trojan horse and a two-story battleship to go with it. They even flooded their courtyard for their battleship!
Here’s a couple of pics. Also, really sorry about the bad quality; my flash wasn’t working properly.

The following three are pictures of the mural that Blacker painted on their Hovse wall:

Trojan horse anyone? This guy was looking down at us the entire time…O.o

Talk about watching your back while you dance. He seemed so much more intimidating up close though…

Wait, but there’s no people!

Oh, we’re good. The design was pretty nice. For the people who wanted to chat (aka not dance) we could just go up to the second level and look down at all the dancers. Maybe this was intentional?
Interhovse parties are always the highlights of the year. Really, if you come to Caltech, don’t miss out on these chances!

Wesley Chen