Board of Trustee Meeting

Board of Trustee Meeting

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence, but my term has been super busy! One of the main reasons is due to the Committee on Undergraduate Caltech Housing, or the COUCH as it is affectionately known as. Its goal is to help analyze the potential options for the residential system for Bechtel, our new campus residence opening in Fall 2018, while analyzing the broader residential life system as a whole. Through this committee, I’ve had a lot of great opportunities including interacting with many members of administration, students, and alumni. However, one of the coolest things was meeting the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees help direct student life at Caltech. Many members are former Caltech grads or undergrads, or have a deep-seated interest in student life. Additionally, two undergrad students and two grad students sit in with the Student Experience Committee. Each year, they have a large retreat held at a nice hotel. This time it was in Santa Barbara, right alongside the beach!

When we got there, we first got to have lunch with the trustees. The food was amazing, but the conversations even better! I heard stories of student life from the past, fun times in lab, and even got a few of my own lab stories in (the trustees thought that human magnetism was super cool!). Unfortunately, I didn’t find any trustees from my house, Blacker, but I met a few Rudds, Darbs, and Flems!

Next, we presented to the Student Experience Committee. The presentation went really well, and the trustees had tons of awesome feedback for us; hopefully with their help, we can ensure that each detail is thought about where Bechtel’s concerned.

Unfortunately, we eventually had to leave the hotel and beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara behind. Hopefully, though, I’ll get to continue more conversations with the trustees.

I feel so official! Here's my seat at the meeting!
Here we all are presenting with Dean Gilmartin!
The beautiful flora of Santa Barbara