Boeing Museum and Factory

Boeing Museum and Factory

When my parents visited Seattle, we also went to the Future of Flight Aviation Museum and Boeing Tour! Included in the $25 ticket is a 1.5 hr guided tour of the Boeing factory, where all the planes are constructed, and admission to the Future of Flight Museum. When we arrived, there happened to be a free tour of the museum portion just about to start, so we got to listen in on the tour and learn more in depth about all the planes and exhibits there.

This is an engine!

A reconstruction of the International Space Station :O

The inside of a real plane’s cockpit!

I thought the museum and tour together were pretty worth for $25. But being able to attend the free guided tour of the museum made the museum much more enjoyable for me than just reading the displayed signs, I think. Inside the Boeing factory, you’re not allowed to have any electronics or take any photos, so I don’t have any photos of the inside, but I thought it was pretty cool and definitely a unique experience!