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Bread and Bean Bags

One of the things I look forward to most these days is Amazon shipments. Is that sad? Amazon has brought so much joy to my college life. I’ve bought everything from water bottles to puzzles to my beloved lamp from Amazon. Each student here has a different mail stop code, which we can enter as part of our address for online deliveries. After our packages go through various magical stations, we get an email that it has arrived, and we go to the Tech Express, located near the North Houses, or occasionally the Keith Spalding building, near the gym, and pick up our shipments. I know people who have ordered office chairs, mini drones, Campbell’s soup, and other life essentials from Amazon. Isn’t modern living great?
My most recent deliveries were not from Amazon, but they still brought me immense joy. My mom baked Castella (a Japanese bread, recipe here) for the first time, and wanted to send me some, so she sent it through overnight priority mail. My roommate and I have been enjoying it (with milk from open kitchen) ever since:

We had a couple of bigger deliveries this week as well. Two weeks ago, Chloe and I were researching bean bags to diversify the seating options in our room. We had a chair that we got for free from the warehouse, but I might have broken it, so we had no seating for guests other than our (very clean, no shoes allowed) carpet. There were some very cushy-looking bean bag chairs on Amazon, but there were none with stunning reviews. When searching for a lime green bean bag, I happened across some cheap ones on the Walmart website, so we went for those. Chloe got the bean bag, and I got the bean bag shaped like a chair. Hers came first:

It was huge! It was also not exactly how we imagined it. It’s not at all a cushy sort of thing, but it’s sturdy, which was one concern we had about the cushy bean bags, and it beats sitting in a chair. It also kept getting bigger every time we looked at it. Mine came the next day. One passerby commented that our setup looked like a “jank couch”:

That it may be, but it’s a fun jank couch, and it allows us to work side-by-side! Yay for roomie bonding: