Brioche + Berries + Bollywood

Brioche + Berries + Bollywood

It was a fun Sunday evening. First, there was dessert. Then there was dancing.

Brioche is French butter bread. It has a soft, velvety texture and a rich, slightly sweet flavor. My friends and I had purchased some from Trader Joe’s after being tantalized with samples. We really didn’t want to know how many hundred and seventy calories each slice contained. But that didn’t stop us from slathering our slices with vanilla cream cheese frosting and piling lemon-raspberry sauce on top.

Need to learn how to bake this bread. OASIS is the Organization of the Associated Students of the Indian Subcontinent. After eating brioche with berries, I attended OASIS’s annual culture show to take photos for the campus newspaper. Students sang, played instruments, danced, and put on a fashion show. The dancing acts were the most fun to photograph because of all the action. They came in various styles, including traditional, hip-hop, and even Bollywood.

Caltech Aarya performs a traditional dance.

Seniors stylin’ for the fashion show in their last OASIS performance.

A cheesy Bollywood-style love story acted out by Caltech Dhamaka. Sets are Caltech’s term for weekly homework assignments. After the show, I returned to my room and wrapped up my math one and then helped a friend with hers. It was a good day.