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Calm before the storm?

Calm before the storm?
This past weekend my friend Erica got baptized! Her parents came down for the ceremony and provided dinner/desserts. Congrats 🙂 I’m so glad to have met these girls frosh year and to have their support in all that I do.

It was also Ben’s birthday on Monday. Because his favorite baseball team is the Yankees, we decorated a giant homemade funfetti cupcake cake with the Yankees symbol and surprised him just before midnight. Jarvis decided to also whip cream his face when he walked into the room. He didn’t expect anything because we had already sung happy birthday to him with chocolate chip muffins hours before.

January has flown by so fast-this week is like the calm before the storm as midterms start next week. Classes have been going on as usual. For Ch 6a, Jessica and I got to do Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Spectroscopy for the first time in Crellin, which was pretty neat. I’m enjoying this lab class as I get to learn lots of different lab techniques and understand the theory behind the spectrums we are obtaining and analyzing.

Michelle, the ASCIT Social Director, is hosting a Winter Wonderland event with sledding and an ice skating rink on the Olive Walk. Tom Mannion brought hot dogs, hot chocolate, and snacks out for everyone.

We’ll be playing our first tennis match this weekend against Hope Int’l.

Wish us luck?
Jessica : )

Jessica Yeung