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Caltech Commencement 2010

It happened….I GRADUATED from Caltech after 4 years, 2 degrees and 1 amazing experience. The ceremony took place last Friday, June 11, 2010.

Here I am the day on graduation eve, scoping out the assembled stage and chairs.

Since my last name begins with ‘A’, I was the second person to my called on stage—I was able to find my chair for the ceremony…right in front lol

After the candidates march, the faculty march onto the stage. See my Advisor and the Vice Provost Melany Hunt? She looks silly marshalling the faculty to their seats… 😛

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My picture was taken by the Pasadena Star News….and given the following caption: Dannah Almasco, who received a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics Management holding a Sunflower while waving to a friend at Caltech graduation. Caltech celebrated its 116th Annual Commencement, Friday June 11, 2010. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Walt Mancini/SXCity)

Our commencement speaker was Charles F. Bolden, Administrator, National Aeronautics

I don’t have an actual picture of me walking on stage receiving my diploma… but you can watch it here on the Caltech Commencement website! Click on the View Ceremony link, Presentation of Bachelor’s Degrees

The happy graduate and her proud family

And to my readers…(and maybe future Techers)..Thank you for all your support in visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed joining me in my journey for this last year. To the admissions office–Thank you for this opportunity to blog and your support throughout the past 4 years.
For those of you who have missed out…catch up on my entire year leading up to graduation with my blogs. It’s been a whirlwind year for me:

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—Dannah Almasco c/o 2010

Dannah Almasco ’10

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Economics & Management, Class of 2010

Dannah is a senior in Fleming House, originally from San Diego, CA. She is a tour guide, a student reader for the freshman admissions committee, and a food critic for the campus newspaper. A member of the Caltech Dance Troupe, Dannah also practices yoga and aerobics. After graduating from Caltech, Dannah plans to enter the work industry; she has worked at the Caltech Biological Imaging Center and has had internships with Boeing in Los Angeles and Schlumberger in Houston, TX (see previous Caltech blog, “Adventures in Internships”). Her second blog “Class in Session: E/ME 105” discussed her experience in an engineering course that involved designing for (and traveling to!) the developing world of Guatemala. Read her latest blog: “Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior” to see how she keeps busy with her senior thesis and extracurricular activities.