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Caltech InnoWorks Tshirt!

Caltech InnoWorks Recap: I am the co-Director (with my friend Monisha) of a student club called Caltech InnoWorks. We aim to increase opportunties in science, math, and technology for local middle school students on the free or reduced lunch program. To this end, we run a free, completely hands-on, yearly summer camp. It’s a lot of prep work throughout the year, but also very rewarding. 🙂 There’s a news article on us on the Caltech website:here.

Among the various things we have to do for preparing for our summer camp (ie fundraising,recruiting volunteers, etc), we also need to make TSHIRTS!Last year, our shirts were pretty normal looking. (Designed by yours truly)
So this year, I wanted to generate a design that students would want to wear outside of camp.
I was inspired in part by my friend’s tie and the 2011 Caltech prefrosh shirts (I would put a picture in here, but my shirt is lost somewhere in the abyss of my closet).I’m still not sure what background color we will go with, but here it is (with a massive watermark):

Which color do you think would work best (can be one not shown above)? I’d love to get feedback in the comments!

Debbie Tseng