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Cheers to the Weekend

I can’t remember the last time I had such a relaxing weekend at Caltech. One of the perks of completing a SURF rather than going to class is that work ends Friday afternoon, and the weekend is completely free. This weekend, I managed to cram in quite a few fun things to do.

On Friday evening, I went to watch Wonder Woman with my friend Jessica at the Edwards Alhambra theatre. So many of my friends have raved about the movie that I had no choice but to see it. Also, I won some movie tickets during an Easter egg hunt during Spring term, I was determined to use them before they expired. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I definitely recommend that you go check it out. Otherwise, if you are patient (unlike me), you can probably wait for it to become available on Netflix.

I was pleasantly surprised by the plot twists and the plot line in general. The character development was also fantastic. It is nearly impossible to dislike such a badass female hero and an attractive male side kick — talk about role reversal! I’m no movie critic but I would argue that it is one of the best DC movies.

On Saturday, most people went to the beach on a trip organized by SFP (Student-Faculty Programs). I could not go because I had promised some friends that I would help photograph an event that afternoon. However, I managed to make the most of my morning. Feeling pretty inspired by the movie, I decided to draw a portrait of Wonder Woman. I was debating whether to polish up her hair and her face, but I was feeling a bit tired by that point. Afterwards, I did some chores like laundry and grocery shopping. I also managed to practice some piano in the Music House before heading over to my friend’s event.

On Sunday, there was a crab boil at Tom Mannion’s house which I volunteered to help at. We prepared tons of crab, hot dogs, pasta, and brownies for all the hungry SURF students. Funny story, we found a pair of car keys while boiling the pasta. It turns out that they fell into the pot from a hook overhead while we were filling it with water. Oops, sorry Tom.

Guess how many pounds of pasta we boiled?


I stuffed my face because I LOVE seafood. I apologize if I am making you hungry right now. I am just getting hungry thinking about all the food and writing this. Well, I’m going to make myself some avocado toast now (yes, call me basic), so until next time…

Sunny Cui ’20

Option: Electrical Engineering

House Affiliation: Lloyd

Graduation Year: 2020

Sunny is from Vancouver, BC where it rains over 200 days a year. At Caltech, she serves on the excomm of the Caltech Y and Society of Women Engineers, and plays piano with the chamber music program. When she is not doing sets and lab work, she enjoys hiking, shopping, cooking, drawing, and scouring the internet for items to add to her never-ending bucket list.