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Chitenje How-to

A chitenje is the multipurpose, can’t-do-without, colorful piece of cloth every Malawian woman has got!
It’s a rectangular piece of fabric used as a wrap over a skirt, to carry children, as a shawl in the cold or rain, and as a head wrapping. All the village women wear them, they are far less common in the city as professional women wear uniforms or current western fashions.

Being stuck in doors with all the rain the past few days, my fellow volunteers and I constructed a chitenje wearing tutorial!

Step 4: Take the leftover fabric on your left side, draw it to the right across your front, and tuck the end in!

In other news, I spent today at a local game reserve hiking and looking for impala. The scenery was beautiful, but the only "wildlife" I could see were goats!

Kt Brennan