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Cirque Du Soleil

Over this past weekend, the Master of Student Houses (MOSH) organized an trip to go see Cirque Du Soleil’s show OVO, which played at the Santa Monica Pier in order to enhance and enrich student life here at Caltech.

A bunch of students convened at the Mosh’s house early in the morning and we had a bus that took us to Santa Monica:

I have previously heard rave reviews from friends about Cirque Du Soleil but I really didn’t know what to expect. When we arrived, people were excitedly waiting for the show to begin. It was completely packed with people of all ages and the air buzzed with eagerness! Before the show started, the insect characters of OVO interacted with the audience.

Some of the characters starring in OVO.

OVO tells the story of how an ecosystem of insects reacts to the appearance of a strange egg. The amazing acrobatic acts weaved together a rich storyline of how the insects work and play together. There was a perfect balance of precise and awe-inspiring skill, colorful and creative costumes, and perfectly contributing live music. The acrobatic acts weave a story of frienship and love. In a hand balancing act, a graceful dragonfly demonstrates his amazing balance and control as he ‘flys’ around the fauna:

Hand balancing act by a graceful dragonfly.

The bright red ants of the forest gather food by precisely juggling and passing ‘corn’ and ‘kiwi’ by using only their feet.

Red ants precisely juggling with their feet as they gather food.

In a stunning show of agility, coordination and dance, insects form graceful and perfectly beautiful sculptures.

Insects perform acrosport gymnastics.

Perhaps, the most breathtaking act of coordation and skill was the aerial act where a group of scarabs soar high above the stage from one side to the other. The circus acrobatics performed included the banquine, Russian swing and swinging chair.

Stunning aerial act.

It seemed that the physical forces of gravity did not apply to the slackwire performance by a spider. The feats seemed impossible as he not only effortlessly traverses the thin wire that hangs about 15 feet above, but also holds a hand stand on a long stick that rests on the thin wire. Additionally, the spider performs an upside down unicycle act in a masterful act of unimaginable difficulty.

Slackwire performance by a spider.

The colorful and elaborate costume designs perfectly contributed to the setting and personalities of the characters.In addition, the Brazilian samba music and electronic beats perfectly complemented the upbeat nature and story of the insects. Cirque du Soleil’s OVOis truly a one of a kind spectacle with endearing characters and the skill, elegance, colors and precision of the acts make this show a must see! The rush of energy was refreshing and a great way to spend the afternoon. Many thanks to the MOSH for enriching student life by supporting and organizing student events here at Caltech!

Catherine Xie