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CMS Week

Hi everyone,

This week has been super eventful with tons of work. It was CMS Week so a bunch of meetings and presentations were going on all over the place focusing on the current state of the collaboration in different areas and how things are moving forward. I actually can’t really remember past this Wednesday which was our CMS party at Point 5, the site in Cessy where the CMS detector is located. It was pretty fun because you just have a mixture of professors, postdocs, grad students and summer students, all with various levels of experience hanging out and eating food at the site. It was also pretty convenient since our apartment is across the field from the detector so we didn’t really have to go far to get home.

Here I once again got a picture in front of the giant poster of the CMS detector with my roommates.

We didn’t get to take a tour of the detector this time because we arrived late after finishing up some work but I believe there will be tours to sign up later on this month… so stay tuned for that.

Really otherwise this week has just been filled with work and a whole lot of coding. I’ve been working on preparing plots to get officially approved by the CMS collaboration and also running simulations of the background for the di-Higgs decay to b, antib, and two photons, focusing on the production of two real b jets (b refers to quarks with the bottom flavor) and two fake photons, two charm jets faking b jets and two fake photons and four jets faking bjets and photons. Once again a jet is a cone of hadrons that radiates out from quarks, so we are looking at traces of quarks. We actually have some interesting findings in these backgrounds in comparison to what was expected so I have to prepare a presentation for Monday with the Future Detectors group to discuss everything. We will see how all of that goes. We don’t really have any plans for this weekend, other than getting some more work done. I’m sure we’ll find something exciting to do and I’ll fill you in next time.

Valère Lambert