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For those of you unfamiliar with Spanish, that means "cook," and it’s an order! As you could probably guess, this week’s cooking assignment was the food of our neighbor to the south, Mexico. Well, in reality it was a Mexican-American fusion, because my girlfriend (from Mexico) explained to me the finer differences between what we cooked and the food she’s familiar with.So what did we cook in our Mexican(-American) feast? We started off with enchiladas (which I learned means the tortilla is dipped in chili), and each group made a different one – we made a so-called "entomatada" because it was dipped in a tomato sauce. We also made a Chile Relleno casserole (because stuffing chiles is still a bit too advanced for us), which was good. Lastly, we made different types of salsa (ours was a very spicy green one!) and guacamole. I don’t eat avocados, but everyone else in my group kept "tasting for flavor" – suspicious, because after tasting almost 1/4 of it was gone!
Other dishes prepared by "the kitchen" (read: the more experienced chefs) included chile verde and quesadillas (one with mango and pomegranate – SO unexpectedly delicious)!
¿Tienes hambre ahora? Pues, miras estas fotos y tendrás más hambre ;). (Translation: are you hungry now? Well, look at these pictures and you’ll be even more hungry!)

Fortunately, I saved some of the food for a later time – looking forward to reliving my foray into México!
Recipe of the Week: Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Prosciutto: This is by far the easiest side-dish to make (and you can use some extra prosciutto from last week’s pasta!). I don’t even like asparagus normally, but roasting it in the oven makes everything more gooey and delicious. Be wary about adding too much salt, though – the prosciutto is cured so it can be VERY salty. Still, this recipe is a great way to make sure you tell mom you’re getting your veggies while you’re away from home!

Andrew Freddo ’10

Chemistry and Biology, Class of 2010

My name is Andrew, and I am beginning what looks to be a busy and exciting senior year! I’m originally from New Jersey, and always try to give my friends here at Caltech a taste of my East Coast roots. Outside of my chemistry and biology classes, I enjoy cooking (Italian food, of course!), giving admissions tours, writing food reviews with fellow blogger Dannah, and catching up with my favorite TV shows. Academically, this year will truly be a culmination of my first three at Caltech. I am currently applying for combined MD/PhD programs (also knows as MSTPs ? Medical Scientist Training Programs). In addition to juggling my sets and exams, I’m going to be visiting many schools around the country to interview for their programs. I’ll definitely be logging lots of frequent flier miles, snapping lots of pictures, and learning a lot about medical and graduate school!