Corgi Con & SF Ice Cream Festival

Corgi Con & SF Ice Cream Festival

What better to do on the weekend than go to a corgi con in SF and then eat ice cream? I’ve never been to a corgi con previously, so I was really excited to go.

We first started off the day at Voyager Crafts Coffee, a cute coffee shop in San Jose. They serve good coffee – would recommend!

Then, once we were awake and ready for the day, we headed to STEAP Tea Bar in SF. The shop was hosting a corgi-con as a fundraiser, so a lot of people brought their dogs. The visitors, dog owners and dog lovers alike, stayed to buy tea :)

There were cute corgi mixes too!

The dogs were so adorable. I definitely would want to go to another corgi-con in the future. I wonder if there are gatherings for other types of dogs, like shelties. I’ve wanted a dog all my life – when I was in elementary school, I wanted a corgi, then an Icelandic sheepdog, then a shiba, and now a sheltie. I just love all dogs! Next, we headed to the SF Spark Social Ice Cream Festival. For $6, you get access to a ton of food trucks and ice cream trucks, with a big field to hang out and games like cornhole. It was definitely worth it for me! We got Kamikaze fries as well as pandan and mango sticky rice ice cream. The mango sticky rice ice cream was actually mango ice cream with sticky rice on top! It was my first time trying these flavors, and I really liked them.

Afterwards, we headed to Japantown for dinner. We went to Kinokuniya on the way, and I spotted this book! It’s me! :P

Afterwards, we headed to Japantown for dinner. We went to a shop called Udon Mugizo, and it was super yummy. 10/10 would recommend.