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Last weekend, Nadia, Amy, our friend Neal and I all headed up to the real Texas ranch that Amy’s family owns. It’s about 90 minutes outside of Houston, and it’s one of the most "country Texas" places I’ve been so far.

The ranch is a spacious 44 acres with two ponds, pasture, a barn, and a house. The family has cows on the land (something that is apparently very typical for Texas ranches), and our adventure on the morning we left was to find the cows back in the pasture and feed them treats. We took some pictures of our cow-venture that I thought I’d share. Enjoy!
There were a few calves in the herd – young enough to be drinking mother’s milk but still three times the size of me.

Cows running when they hear us shaking the bucketful of treats!

Below is the lone bull in the herd. A cow-owner will have mostly female cows, with bulls that arrive one at a time and are rotated between lots of farms.

feeding cows!!!

"I don’t have anymore!"

I just realized that all the pictures I chose to put up were us feeding the same cow… I think her name is Pickles, and she was clearly in the mood for treats

Crazy cow tongue pictures…

I will put other (non cow-related) pictures from the trip in the next blog post!