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Dabney Pumpkin Drop

As I talked about last time, each house gets pumpkins to do something with in celebration of halloween. While most houses carve them, Dabney holds its annual Pumpkin Drop at the very end of the day on Halloween night. This event consists of Darbs freezing pumpkins using LN2, usually far ahead of time so they can freeze and crack sufficiently on impact, and then dropping them from the top of Millikan. This is usually done in conjunction to music, so that the impacts are (theoretically) timed with any particular musical emphases.

The Final Countdown is always played beforehand, until the pumpkins start dropping. It lasts about 5 minutes, and the thuds as the pumpkins impact are very satisfying. The impact area is always cordoned off, but shards of pumpkin usually fly away from said area, and often into the crowd.

As it is at night, pictures don’t really capture the drop very well, which is why it’s always nice when some glow-stick pumpkins are thrown over the edge. Check it out:

Mei-Ling Laures ’20

Option: Computer Science

House Affiliations: Avery and Blacker

Graduation Year: 2020

Mei-Ling is a native Chicagoan (from the city!) and still misses the winter season. She is part of the intercollegiate volleyball and fencing teams. When not dying over sets, she likes talking with friends and going to the 3D printing lab on campus. Mei-Ling is also an upperclassman counselor (UCC) and part of the social team of Blacker Hovse.