Day Trip to London Part 1

Day Trip to London Part 1

This weekend, I went with another Caltech-Cambridge exchange student to London, and we met up with two more Techers studying at University College London (UCL). We first headed to brunch for a traditional English breakfast, and then checked out UCL campus. It’s a bit funny that like Corpus, there’s a crane visible from the main entrance.

Afterwards, we headed towards Primrose Hill and walked through Regent’s Park on the way. The autumn colors are beautiful! There was also an ongoing open air art exhibition, which was really interesting to see.

We also happened to pass by the zoo on the way!

At the top of Primrose Hill, we got a great view of the city. I’m sure this place is good for fireworks on New Years Eve :)

We then headed towards the nearest Tube station, and on the way there were colourful murals and buildings.

Stay tuned for the rest of our adventure in London!