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So I’m back home in Florida for Winter Break now and my family decided to take a trip to Orlando for a couple of days. What is in Orlando you might ask? Disney! Although we are Floridians, we don’t go to Disney World as often as you might think. Our family hasn’t gone there together since I was in elementary school and lines can get excessively long during school breaks. Luckily, the lines weren’t too bad when we went. We got parkhopper passes so that we could check out two parks in one day- EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. I didn’t remember the parks much at all, so it was refreshing getting to revisit and to explore the parks again. Plus, rides and attractions have been added or changed. Compared to Disneyland, I think Disney World is better because there are more parks and rides. I enjoyed the Star Tours ride that is in both Hollywood Studios in Disney World as well as Disneyland. I also found this funny door from Monsters University (see below). We didn’t end up staying late for the fireworks/lights shows. Instead, we went to Downtown Disney to have a late dinner at the House of Blues.I’m definitely enjoying the warm weather here, although I wish I could see snow :(See the snow…i mean sandman below from Disney? Or, perhaps it’s Olaf from Frozen? ;P)

We also went to Sea World the next day to check out their Christmas attractions and various animal shows. I really enjoyed the dolphins and the night ice skating show with lights, fountains, and Christmas trees. It was nice spending time with family and taking a break away from Tech. If you go to an out of state college, you realize how precious this time is with family, especially since plane tickets are expensive and you don’t have long vacations in between school, research, or summer internships.

I hope that you have a wonderful winter break as well- finish those college apps early and you can celebrate/relax!


Jessica Yeung