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Disney’s Frozen!


So it’s been awhile since we had a Ditch Day stack for Avery, so some of us Avery seniors decided to host one bright and early after midterms week. We thought it would be fun to use Frozen as the theme, especially since a lot of underclassmen had seen and enjoyed the movie. The soundtrack has been popular as well, and I’ve heard the songs being played or sung while walking through the halls of Avery. The frosh arranged themselves in teams of four in each lounge. We left them some blue jello to snack on. The first activity was a lyrics puzzle that led them to follow a trail of “ice” left by Elsa to the inner courtyard. There, the frosh opened cooler 1 to find a ton of colored cupcake sized ice blocks. They had to smash the ice blocks to gather the clues inside. That eventually led them to a second ice cooler with giant ice blocks we had used loaf pans to make. Inside the cubes were crossword puzzles that they solved to lead them to the outer courtyard. There, we had set up tables for them to build the best snowman, in which we had a special guest (Olaf) come to judge. To open up the gates of the dining hall for bagels and donuts, we had them sing ‘For the First Time in Forever.’ The bagels and donuts were heart shaped, which were perfect for the stack (love is open door! :P) I think everyone who participated really enjoyed the stack. Planning a successful stack takes work, but it’s fun working with your fellow seniors on brainstorming ideas and especially rewarding seeing all the excitement the frosh have for our stack. Although I really like the soundtrack, I think I’ll be taking a break from listening to Frozen songs now that our stack is over. So when is Ditch Day? It’s always Tomorrow. Be prepared and always sleep early. 🙂


Jessica Yeung