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Ending Classes with a BANG

The Fleming Cannon is fired a few key times during the year: end of rotation, end of classes every term, end of ditch day and when the Fleming House President walks the stage during commencement.
The Fleming Cannon is cherished by the members of Fleming House (including myself) as it has been in our possession since 1972 when we took it from Southwestern Academy in San Marino. The cannon itself was originally cast in the 1870s for the Franco-Prussian War prior to its time at Southwestern Academy. It has been the object of many pranks….stolen by Harvey Mudd 1986, and MIT in 2006 (but promptly retrieved by Fleming House! see this site). It makes sense that everyone wants to steal the cannon, cause its AWESOME!!
So today, being the end of winter term classes, the cannon fired at 5pm. At the same time as it signals the end of classes, it also signals the beginning of finals week here at Tech. So for the next week, the campus will be pretty quiet…people concentrating on getting through finals week and preparing for spring break.

Here are pictures of Aric, our current cannon master, carrying out the tradition.

Dannah Almasco ’10

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Economics & Management, Class of 2010

Dannah is a senior in Fleming House, originally from San Diego, CA. She is a tour guide, a student reader for the freshman admissions committee, and a food critic for the campus newspaper. A member of the Caltech Dance Troupe, Dannah also practices yoga and aerobics. After graduating from Caltech, Dannah plans to enter the work industry; she has worked at the Caltech Biological Imaging Center and has had internships with Boeing in Los Angeles and Schlumberger in Houston, TX (see previous Caltech blog, “Adventures in Internships”). Her second blog “Class in Session: E/ME 105” discussed her experience in an engineering course that involved designing for (and traveling to!) the developing world of Guatemala. Read her latest blog: “Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior” to see how she keeps busy with her senior thesis and extracurricular activities.