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Everything is Coming Up Roses!

This is one of my favorite places on campus.

You might recognize this spot from the opening credits of "Legally Blonde". The Caltech campus was used as an institute of fashion design! Our campus is often used in TV shows two. We’ve had filming crews show up throughout the year to shoot episodes. If you watch shows such as "Real Genius", "Greek", and "Numb3rs" you might recognize this campus in some of the scenes!

A perfect post card. We call this building the Wedding Cake (once Techers actually put a cardboard bride and groom atop this auditorium). I still can’t believe that the San Gabriel Mountains are right there!

In the back of this shot is where seven of the eight student houses are. In the very back is the fancy Athenaeum ("Ath" for short). Many weddings are help there on weekends and during the week you can find professors dining there or taking their students out to dinner or lunch (there is really good food there).

This is my House (Page House).

These are blooming right under our windows!

My window is the open one. It looks out onto the bookstore and the Red Door Cafe. If you continue along this walkway you’ll find yourself in Chandler Hall – the main dining hall.

What I see right before entering my house!

Nina Budaeva