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Final Presentation Day

people were standing inside the room for lack of seating!
Our group went first, and presented well. I think we were beyond having
nerves since we have been working so closely for the past months that
we know the project inside and out. The other projects also did really
well–I was truly impressed by what the other groups accomplished
(especially after seeing the work progress from the time we spent in
Guatemala to this point). Other projects included: Portable water
filtration system, Ergonomic tips for crutches, Child walkers for
rehabilitation, Hand-held electric power generating flashlight,
Fuel-efficient kiln for brick-making, Shoe design. After the presentations, we had a
poster session, and then a celebration dinner at Hamburger Hamlet!
Here are pictures taken from the poster session…..

Dannah Almasco ’10

Mechanical Engineering and Business, Economics & Management, Class of 2010

Dannah is a senior in Fleming House, originally from San Diego, CA. She is a tour guide, a student reader for the freshman admissions committee, and a food critic for the campus newspaper. A member of the Caltech Dance Troupe, Dannah also practices yoga and aerobics. After graduating from Caltech, Dannah plans to enter the work industry; she has worked at the Caltech Biological Imaging Center and has had internships with Boeing in Los Angeles and Schlumberger in Houston, TX (see previous Caltech blog, “Adventures in Internships”). Her second blog “Class in Session: E/ME 105” discussed her experience in an engineering course that involved designing for (and traveling to!) the developing world of Guatemala. Read her latest blog: “Sweet Life of a Second Term Senior” to see how she keeps busy with her senior thesis and extracurricular activities.