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First Bite

Greetings! I’m Gloria, and I’m a second term frosh at Caltech. First term was a whirlwind of food, fun, and pass/fail. I wrote my blog description last term, when I was on 51 units, 9 of which were made up of Cooking, Aerobic Dance, and the Chem pizza class, in which we eat pizza and listen to Chemistry/Chemical Engineering faculty members talk about their research. This term I’m still on pass/fail, but with 48 units, and a pretty basic frosh schedule: Math, Physics, Chem, Chem lab, CS C track, Philosophy, and Ceramics. I’m halfway through the first week of classes, slowly extracting myself from my winter break dormancy and returning to a productive mindset.

Here are some basics on my life at Caltech, which I’ll expand upon in future blog posts: I live in Ruddock House with my superhuman roommate, Chloe, and I’m also a member of Avery House. I’m a prospective Chemistry major with a focus on Biology. I have a fondness for the color lime green, a newfound love for boba, and a preoccupation with food, especially edibles of the chocolate-covered variety. Here’s the whiteboard on our door, back when it was relatively fresh and undisturbed:

Last term, I co-founded an all-girls a cappella group, joined a Bollywood dance team, and started running in the mornings (and sometimes nights) with friends. This term, I’m going on two ski trips, TAing the cooking class, practicing for Dance Show, rehearsing for an a cappella concert in March, and doing everything that comes up in between. I’ve found all sorts of diverse avenues to explore my interests, and I’m excited to get involved in more activities in the future!