First post from Guatemala!

First post from Guatemala!

Hola! It was hard, and it was tough…but I have made it to Guatemala! And it has been non-stop since I arrived. Thank goodness I had a good night´s sleep last night…

I am writing from my Guatemalan partner´s home and computer–and having a little bit of difficulty typing since the keyboard is a little different…everything is in Spanish over here! There are a total of 5 Caltech students, 4 Art Center students and 7 Landivar students on the trip.

So far, we have visited a Ixchal textile museum, visited the University, had many meals together and have spent the night at our partner´s home in Guatemala city. I am about to leave in about an hour to meet the rest of the group and leave for Antigua and visit the work sites in the villages.

I gotta go!—So here are a few pictures until I have more time to blog.

All right guys, I´m off to Antigua..we´ll post again soon!