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Flower Power tour!

I’ve been meaning to do this kind of a blog post for a very
long time! I was finally motivated enough (it took a HUGE butterscotch pudding to motivate me) to
go out with a camera and snap away the pretty flowers around campus. My camera
skills are not top-notch, so keep in mind Caltech’s actually way prettier in
real-life. It was really sunny and I really don’t know how to adjust my camera settings, so sorry if there’s a whole lot of glare…Caltech is very clean, but not everything is so…electric white?
After four years here, I still don’t know if we actually
have a main entrance (I think it’s the side from Wilson into Millikan just
because there’s a lot of flowers, but I started my walk from the side next to
I don’t know what this building is for, but it’s pretty! Behind it is Avery and Annenberg.

See? Yellow!

And bunch of white roses (there were more behind me, but they are not in full bloom yet).

Purple flowers! Even our parking lots are pretty :)(Ok, I don’t think we have flowers inside our parking lot structures, but hey, we have flowers and trees everywhere.)

Behind the wedding cake.

Oooh…yellow flowers instead of purple flowers. This tree must be a rebel…

Apparently, they look like p-orbitals. I kind of see it, but I still think they look more like a bunch of grapes.

Aww…it’s the

A great lunch spot by the BI.

Behind BI.

So behind BI, there’s a HUGE field. It’s fun to roll around here for a bit.

Oooh…Broad. With more pretty flowers! They look a bit wilted though 🙁 I guess it’s getting a bit hot and dry here.

It’s an alley behind Schlinger and it smells awesome. (Rosemaries!)

That’s Noyes! (and Schlinger on the right)

That’s Church and Crellin. If you are lucky, you might be able to see some squirrels sprawled out on the floor below this tree or even on front of the door on hot days. I saw this twice and it was hilarious.

Outside the campus.

Another pretty resting spot. I think this is Church and Kerckhoff.

Oooh, roses. It’s too pretty here! It must be the Huntington Library Gardens!!!

Ah, wait! It is the library…the Millikan Library! Millikan looks so pretty during the summer months. Don’t you agree?

The other side of the Millikan library.

This is by the geology buildings. I think it looks a rhombohedron. Truthfully, I have no clue what this is supposed to be.

Observatory! Looks a bit like R2-D2…


Road leading to the gym and the underground parking lot. So pretty :3 (My apologies to whoever is driving the vehicle…I was in bit of a rush so I couldn’t wait until you were out of the picture…)

Turtle pond!

There’s a bird that looks like a white heron that visits this lily pond quite a bit.

In the Dabney gardens (the humanities building, not the house).

Well, that’s it folks! Caltech is super pretty and purple during this time of the year, but during Spring, the entire campus is filled with pink flowers! If you can, do visit and enjoy a stroll! Until next time, -Dong Woo

Dong Woo Shin