Flyaway Fun Part 2

Flyaway Fun Part 2

After a fun, food-filled day, I was ready for the bridal shower, which promised more fun and food! My first cousin, my aunt’s son, is getting married, and I am a bridesmaid. Although I was a flower girl years ago, I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, so I’m super psyched. The wedding is on December 9th, just a day after term ends, which at most schools would be a problem. However, since most of Caltech’s finals are take-home, I can take them basically any time I want before they’re due. I know if I manage my time correctly, I’ll be able to get them all done early, making it easier for me to be ready for the wedding.

Anyway, back to the shower! The shower was held at my aunt’s friend’s house, which was gorgeous and filled with art from the local Ann Arbor art fair. She had lots of tasty bites to eat, including baked french toast bread pudding, sushi, hummus and veggies, and salads. We then watched the bride and groom play a “The Newlywed Game” style “Jeopardy!” game, which was really fun.

My favorite part was the desserts. One of the hosts, my cousin, is famous for her linzer torte crescent cookies, which are out of this world. They have a spongy cake bottom, some yummy jam and nuts, and a crisp meringue crust. There was also some yummy almond bars, brownies, and raspberry bars.

Finally, we watched the bride open up all of her presents. I was amazed by how many cool kitchen gadgets she got! I know where I’ll be going for the holidays…

Overall, it was a great time. It was very nice to see some of my Michigan and New York relatives who are unable to come to California to see me.I can’t wait for the wedding in December!

Here I am with the bride, Aly, and the groom, Jonathan