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Friends and Food (what more could I ask for?!)

Hey,Ahhh, I’m behind on these things! (Also, I know I have a cheesy blog title. Woot woot!) 😀 Anyways,this last weekend was definitely a fun one!Here at Tech, we had a 4-day weekend because of the holiday. But, all the grad students(my co-mentor included) were still going into lab. I wanted to be helpful and not seem like a slacker, so I also decided to come in as well…at least on Friday. I went in at my usual time, but there wasn’t that much stuff to do. It was pretty sweet because I was able to leave lab by 12:30. 🙂 It actually worked out really well because I had just found out that a few friends were going to head out to a mall in Arcadia.Summer’s a great time because during the school year, we didn’t really have that much time to just hang out in malls and mess around. During the summer, there’s tons of time! And basically, we milk it for all it’s worth! (Well..sometimes, at least.)In the mall, we went to stores, put on ridiculous stuff and took pictures! (It had to be documented, of course!) Here’s my friend Vivian. We’re crazy and decided to put tons of stuff on her. She’s was glad to put them on, and this is the fantastic result. (:

Mario Zubia