Frosh Party!

Frosh Party!

This past weekend, Venerable decided to host a frosh party. Now, even though it’s exclusively for “frosh,” a ton of upperclassmen hang out with us as well. All of us really like to have some gambling every now and then (not with real money of course), so Venerable let’s us hone our skills by pitting us against each other in poker, craps, roulette, the whole works. They lined up stacks of chips for us, and we can take as many as we want. (Ok, for those people who really like gambling…this may have been a little fake, but hey, it’s still pretty intense!) Plus, we got a dance floor set up outside with the Venerable DJs and a couple of..hammers…

Ok, you can’t really see what it looks like in this picture, but this thing is taller than I am (although I’m a short person, so that’s not saying much…)

And bottom, here’s one of the Venerable DJs, getting the party started!

Oh and did I mention the food? Venerable organizers are called “iguanas,” and the food iguana laid out a pretty impressive array of food. Unfortunately, by the time I remembered to get my camera, all of it was gone…

Hope to see you guys here next year! P.S. Oh yea, one of the great things about Caltech? If people throw things out, (like speakers), there’s always someone who knows how to fix it. Venerable got some pretty nice surround sound from “junk” that was just thrown out a couple of days before. One of the other DJs figured out what was wrong, patched it up, and got it ready for Frosh Party. Pretty intense.