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Frosh Prank

In Blacker, it is a tradition for the frosh to lead a prank on Lloyd’s former Christmas tree (now it’s just the Ls). It gives them an opportunity to work together to do a large project while being creative and fun. They are in charge of organizing themselves, asking for permission (as the administration wants to know about any such large-scale and visible pranks) and procuring their supplies and manpower.

This year, their idea was to do a snow globe with a miniature Millikan inside of it. In addition, they added a bow to the top of Millikan to make it into a gift as well. As always, there was a large scramble to get things done the night of the prank. They were still sewing the bow and painting the miniature Millikan a few hours before everything had to be put up. But a lot of people came to help – not only the frosh, but upperclassmen as well.

Upperclassmen always help a lot with the execution of the prank on the night it goes up. They are important to help coordinate and keep frosh safe as they have previous experience about 1: how to actually put things on Millikan roof and 2: how to be safe while doing it. I helped earlier in the night, as they were lacking manpower at first. However, people finished their other work and commitments quickly, so I was able to go back and sleep at a regular time. There were however people working on it until past dawn on the next day. The prank was very well done; when they finished the morning after, it looked really good.

Mei-Ling Laures ’20

Option: Computer Science

House Affiliations: Avery and Blacker

Graduation Year: 2020

Mei-Ling is a native Chicagoan (from the city!) and still misses the winter season. She is part of the intercollegiate volleyball and fencing teams. When not dying over sets, she likes talking with friends and going to the 3D printing lab on campus. Mei-Ling is also an upperclassman counselor (UCC) and part of the social team of Blacker Hovse.